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Wall care-furniture type

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Wall care-furniture type

Wall care-furniture type Intensive care unit/Isolated room/Emergency room/Recovery room

Wall care-furniture type has space for storage like furniture to place lots of medical devices in a wide range and provides environment in which faster and more systemic medical treatment can be done in the hospital space which has to concentrate in medical care.

│ Product description │

Single face type or double face type unit can be selected: Space for treatment can be made without installing fake wall in the space for special medical treatment and single face type or double face type can be selected depending on the layout of the room.

Chestnut or Door cabinet is selectable
Storage furniture which can be used in the side of bed is chestnut type or door furniture type. Chestnut type: It has 3 drawers to store and keep medical treatment chart, medical devices and supplies for patient. Door furniture type: It has door with luxurious damping rail so the door is open and closed without noise and furniture is used for storage and keeping items.

Removable front plate
: Front plate using HPL material is hardly contaminated and easy to clean. It is removable so electricity, communication equipment and medical gas can be installed in wide space inside of the furniture and it is made for easy maintenance.

Rail bar and accessories
: Shelf, basket and hanger can be equipped in the rail bar installed on the upper part of the medical devices and equipment.

*Accessories are optional. Upper space: Medical devices and medicine can be stored in the upper part of Wall care-furniture type for medical team to perform medical treatment more conveniently.
※ Upper plate of the furniture can be changed to artificial marble.

320° rotating shelf
: Medical equipment like monitor for patient monitoring or other tools for medical treatment are put on the shelf which rotates so that medical team can use the tools easily to increase the efficiency of patient treatment

│ Product specification │

Wall care-furniture type:
1) Size: W2400 * D470 * H1300 (mm)
2) Weight: 100kg
3) Size is adjustable depending on the space of the hospital room.
4) Arrangement of power (consent), communication system (data & LAN) and medical gas outlet is changeable as user wants.
5)Medical gas outlet is standard pin index type.


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Wall care_furniture type